To keep this wiki a stress-free, fun, productive environment, the administrator-ship here at the True Literature Wiki, enforce a set of rules that ALL users are expected to abide by under any circumstances. Violating any of these rules will result in a disciplinary action taken against you, in benefit of the rest of the community.

  1. No! this is a form of cyber-bullying and is strictly not tolerated on this this wiki
  2. No spamming! vandalism, and spamming comments is not allowed on this wiki, and will result in a type of administrative action
  3. Please do not feel the trolls! The Administration will deal with these users that disturb the peace. Feeding trolls is an offense and action may be taken against you. The Administrators and/or Rollbacks will handle them as this is their job.
  4. Do not link inappropriate content. Anything that is not family friendly should not be linked to from the wiki. Linking anything of this sort will result in action taken against you.
  5. All content added to the wiki must be or'''''iginal material. Plagiarism or copyrights material and images will not be tolerated and will be subject to immediate deletion.
  6. Do not create sock puppets to skew the voting results, or to dodge you ban. This is not only against our rules, it is against Wikia Terms of Use.
  7. Religious, or political views can not be enforced on other users, but can be discussed civily in chat as long as other users are comfortable with it.
  8. Be originial! Although fan-fiction is allowed, users are encouraged to write their own stories.
  9. Pictures are encouraged! Pictures can make your story more vibrant, and entertaining to read.
  10. Please do not create a category without approval from an administrator.
  11. Always edit in good faith!
  12. Swearing is not allowed on this wiki, swearing will result in a strike.
  13. For minor offenses, you will be given three warnings, a strike, and a ban
  14. You may only use chat if you have posted 1 story, or made 100 mainspace edits on the wiki
  15. All rules apply for chat and wiki

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